Thursday, November 6, 2008

CNN's "holograms"

I saw this when it happened. It was so painful to watch I actually changed the channel. Do they think we're retarded? You may have an awesome name Wolf, but you're a moron.

CNN's story on the subject is equally absurd/funny. They begin to describe the technology but never actually come out and admit that in the end its still just a special effect that only the viewer can see. Wolf Blitzer was just looking at empty space.

(my inner nerd can't help but add: please, if you're going to use a star trek metaphor, at least use one that's related to holography not teleportation!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

facebook scrabble

Man, does this app suck. Constantly erroring on me, I have to completely reload the application every other turn. Its even played something incorrectly for me once.

Its one thing to protect your IP and tell scrabulous to get out. But to replace it with this POS? Ridiculous. They should have just bought scrabulous. Or maybe EA could hire a QA guy. You can't just stick "beta" on it and expect it to be ok to have all these bugs.